Begeara is the world's leader in portable laser tag. It is the most compact and versatile laser tag system on the market. Begeara combines a simplistic phaser only laser tag system, with Zone's world class design and quality to ensure a one of a kind entertainement experience.

The phaser only design allows you to optimize you and your customer's time. The quick set-up and turn around ability of Begeara make it a must have for soft play and mobile entertainment providers.

Begeara is packed with a vast array of game formats and is completely controlled by an easy to use key fob.

The Begeara product aims to provide the best experience possible for both player and operator. To learn more about Begeara, please contact your sales associate.


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The phaser is often considered the essence of any laser tag system, and Begeara is no different. Our Phasor's are top of the line and provide customer's with a unique entertainement experience.

Our phaser only system can be combined with

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The Begeara Box, which contains the phasers, scoreboard, radio base station, charging unit, and mission controller, was designed with ease of use and spacial limitiations in mind. The box can fit neatly in the back of a car. Everything that

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The LED scoreboard allows players to see individual and team scores. It also provides players with other statistics such as their rank and their accuracy during their laser tag game. The full HD scoreboard creates a beautiful setting for players

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Begeara is the most versatile and mobile product on the market. The system has a quick set up and pack up time further adding to its mobility. It can be used at birthday parties, corporate events, or just a day

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