All Inclusive Warranty

Our equipment is backed by the industry’s best warranty. How can we offer the best NO HASSLE warranty? Reliability and durability built on 20 years of constant refinement, our in house R&D has worked tirelessly to reduce ongoing costs for operators which allows you to make more money.

The Begeara Laser Tag product is offered with an all inclusive one year warranty. The warranty covers everything except acts of God and vandalism. We are one of the few laser tag manufacturers that warranty our equipment against wear and tear as a way to prove the durability and reliability of our product.


We will provide you with a spare parts kit which includes the basic component to a laser tag pack. Our technician will train you on how to preform basic maintenance of the laser tag equipment at the time of installation.

If a component were to malfunction, you can replace it with a spare part from your kit and quickly resume playing.

During the warranty period, you pay for shipping to Dover, DE and we will pay for shipping back to you. If you have parts malfunction, simply send them to Zone Laser Tag and we will repair or replace the part within 2 business days of the part arrival.


We are so sure of our equipment's durability we made a video prooving just how durable it is.


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