Phaser Features


The phaser is often considered the essence of any laser tag system, and Begeara is no different. Our Phasor's are top of the line and provide customer's with a unique entertainement experience.

Our phaser only system can be combined with an over the shoulder strap to prevent players from dropping it. The Begeara phaser is constructed with a durable polycarbonate shell with a rubber tip to protect the barrel. The phasers are fashioned with a clear shell to allow the phasers to glow distinctly.

The Begeara phaser is composed of a collection of highly responsive sensors, with a tagging range of more than 30 yards. This allows Begeara flexibility during outdoor use. 

Each Begeara phaser is also outifitted with an accurate laser, twin speakers, and a LED screen. This LED screen gives them up-to-date rankings and scores during the laser tag game.


phaser screen game over

phaser screen tagged









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