Softplay Laser Tag

Begeara is the most compact and versatile indoor laser game system on the market today. The Begeara system is an easy to set up, light weight, highly flexible system that has proved itself to be ideal for soft play centers - successfully being used in 150 soft play centers around the world!

Bright LED lights clearly indicate team color and the phaser screen shows the rank and score throughout the game. Phasers respond to play with vibrations and MP3 sounds. A simple key fob is all you need to control almost all aspects from start to finish of the Begeara System.

Begeara also showcases a new "Birthday" feature to start the game. A designated phaser will sing "Happy Birthday" and give rapid fire to make the child feel extra special and hopefully win.

Key Features of Begeara Laser Tag

  • Phaser only system, no vest required
  • Phasers with three programable colors
  • Two-handed operation for extra safety
  • Handheld remote control to start & manage gameplay
  • Exceptional game variety with 10 game formats
  • OLED Phaser screen giving instant feedback
  • Phaser displays rank in game throughout play
  • One touch feature for remotely starting gameplay
  • Extra long battery life per charge
  • Scoreboard automatically resets with each new game

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